Tree trimming

Tree trimming and brush clearing have been part of our activities since the beginning. We can meet our clients’ needs prior to or in parallel with other garden works.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming

Our tree technicians can work from telescopic platforms or rely on rope supports if necessary. This means they can:

  1. Work safely at height
  2. Access all terrains and all trees
  3. Branch and tree cutting, gentle pruning, overall size reduction or transparent trimming
  4. Remove dangerous, diseased, or dead trees
  5. Cut off broken or diseased branches
  6. Intervene rapidly
Tree care

Tree care

A necessary and common practice in garden development or restoration, this enables dead, broken or distorted, even dangerous, branches to be removed.

Sometimes it also involves transparency trimming in order to reveal the inner structure of the tree and the artistic flow of its branches.

Some overly dense trees that have little landscape appeal can also be made into living sculptures, giving a special touch to the theme of the garden you have created.

Felling and removal with retention

Felling and removal with retention

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. In this case, if the area surrounding the tree requires it, our rope access technicians can carry out the operation by implementing felling with retention procedures.



Trimming and pruning green waste is shredded. After mixing, this material is used as mulch for our planted massifs, hedges, flowerbeds…
(see shredding/mulch photos)

Six good reasons to shred and then mulch:

  1. Decrease water consumption
  2. Protect the base of plants from climatic extremes (drought or heavy frost)
  3. Help to discourage weeds
  4. Favor soil life
  5. Keep the soil at a suitable temperature
  6. Save on raw material consumption
Legally-required brush clearing

Legally-required brush clearing

A common sense action – but also a duty

Though sometimes seen as an annoying constraint or even as nonsense in ecological terms, the legal requirements concerning brush clearing (in French, OLD) can in fact be a plus for your property going beyond a lowered fire risk. The rules simply need to be clearly understood, and taken into account in the overall garden development project.

Our Tree Trimming study bureau can explain the issues and consequences, and help you through all the steps in this procedure.

Four good reasons to clear brush and weeds:

  1. Protect life and property
  2. Reduce wildfire intensity
  3. Facilitate firefighting intervention
  4. Contribute to the beauty of the site
We can also upon request...

On request, we can also trim off the stumps of felled trees, thus avoiding the costly and messy operations involved in digging them up.

Would you like to find out more about our services for garden design, creation and maintenance, tree trimming or about our suggestions for garden lighting? Click here: Contact us. With our centers in the Luberon and in Avignon, we work in the Vaucluse area and its vicinity.

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